CUB Bank Becomes a Friend

Mimi Ward, Parks Foundation Board Chair, announced today that CUB Bank became a Friend of the Parks at the highest level – Eagle. “We are delighted that CUB sees the value of being a Friend of the Park. CUB has long been a support of our Parks system. They sponsor sports teams and scoreboards, they encourage their employees to volunteer, and have donated land for the Greenway Trail and the future CUB Bank Park on Seventh Street.”

Friends Meet First Goal

Mimi Ward, Chair of the Parks Foundation Board, announced Monday that the Friends Campaign has met its first goal and raised $4500 to give the Pool Party Room a complete renovation. Work will be done in the spring once the roof above the pool has been repaired. What is next on the list? Mimi says a $5000 project of resurfacing the heavily used basketball court next to the white barn is the priority. Become a Friend and you can propose projects for the Friends.

Friends of the Park Campaign Kicks Off

October kicks off the Friends Campaign for Shelby County Parks.  Mimi Ward, Chair of the Parks Foundation explains the purpose of the campaign.   “The goal of the Parks Foundation is to create a fund which can be used to make improvements that aren’t funded by our tax dollars and program fees.   The first priorities are at Clear Creek Park include giving the 20 year old Pool Party room a facelift, resurfacing the basketball court by the white barn that is always in use, and repairing a well- used batting cage.”   Friends will be asked to nominate additional projects. For as little as $25, you can become a Friend of the Park, earn a Perk and attend the annual Friends Fish Fry.  Simply tab over to the Friends Page on this website and sign up.

Riders and Hikers Enjoy Renovations at Shelby Trails

The 4.4 mile Diane’s Trail at Shelby Trails is now wider and safer thanks to the bulldozing efforts of Barry Campbell. Trail work was initiated due to a small encroachment on an adjoining property. Clay Cottongim, Volunteer Parks Consultant, took this opportunity to make major improvements in many sections of the trail including widening, filling in and repairing major washes, and removing dead ash trees. Over 880 tons of rock were used on the trails. While riders face some inconvenience short term as the gravel settles the benefits will last for many, many years.

Explore Clear Creek from the New Barry Campbell Wet Bridge

The squeals of kids can be heard as they play in Clear Creek where the new wet bridge connects the Greenway Trail with North Country, Brentwood and Magnolia Place. The bridge is opens up Phase III of the Trail running behind the Shelby County High School Athletic Complex off Burks Branch Road. To find the trailhead, park on the road as you enter Lake Shelby, follow the trail under the bridge and along Nelson’s Bottom. Where the path forks go straight toward Brentwood and you will soon find the bridge on your left. Follow the .6 mile trail that winds along the creek behind the athletic fields. The bridge is named after Barry Campbell the bulldozer operator who has volunteered countless hours practicing his craft to creating the Greenway Trail.