New Trail Way Signs

We are excited to bring new Trail Way Signs to our park system! Thanks to all of our ‘Friends of the Park’ who help make projects like these possible. We also appreciate the public works department for installing these signs for us. Stay tuned for additional projects coming in 2023, it is going to be a great year!

Thank You for a great year!

Here at the Shelby County Park Foundation, like many of you, we are wrapping up the end of the year and as we reflect…..we realized we really had a fantastic year and that was made possible by YOU!

  • In January we began our ‘Dinks and Dunks’ Campaign. Along with the partnerships from USTA, Shelby County School System, Torrey Smith Realtor Agency, Candleberry Candles, The Shannon Foundation and the many ‘friends’ we made, by June we met our goal of $35,000 to complete that project!!  Summer time and early Fall we were able to resurfaced the tennis courts, basketball courts and created a brand new outdoor Pickleball Courts!
  • Throughout the year, The Greenway Trail had normal maintenance given (clearing trees, clearing walking paths, etc), many volunteers and hours were donated to make this possible!
  • We facilitated the building, painting and installation of over 30 bird houses (with the help of many local families) and hung throughout Shelby Lake and the Greenway Trail. 
  • We created and implemented a scavenger hunt for our local youth to discover the trails in a new way!
  • We hosted a Great ID Hike at Shelby Trails, with Sara Huffman from the Kentucky Division of Forestry, leading the way.
  • The Historic Markers (Duanne Puckett created) and signs for the Duanne Puckett Pavilion were installed throughout the trail and at the Pavillion.

We hope you all feel proud of all the accomplishments you have contributed to our community in 2021. 
To prepare for 2022, we hope that if you haven’t already, please consider becoming a 2022 member of our Friends of the Park program. Your annual contribution allows more resources to be applied for additional services, projects and enhancements to our community. We are excited about the new year and hope you are too!
If you haven’t already made your 2022 ‘Friends’ commitment, we would love you to continue that commitment to improvement of our Parks and our community. 
Here is the link to our Friends sign up, don’t forget there is an option now to make your contribution annual!
Have a warm and safe New Year and we will see you at the park!

Jeanne Burnett, Parks Foundation Board Member

Dinks and Dunks: The Parks Foundation Lead Project for 2021

Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in the country, is coming to Clear Creek Park.  One of the two outdoor basketball courts is going to be converted to a three court pickleball facility while the second will be completely renovated for an all ages play basketball court.

The Shelby County Parks Foundation has adopted this as its lead project for 2021, and the good news is that $31,000 of the $35,000 required has already been raised according to Clay Cottongim, the Foundation’s Executive Director.  The goal is to complete fund raising by May 1 so everyone can enjoy play this summer.  

“It can’t happen soon enough!”   says  Casey Page, Shelby County High School’s PE Teacher.   “Our kids love pickleball.   It is an easy to learn a sport.  All age and ability levels can play. ”    Each year, Page, teaches his students to play and then takes them to the FAC to compete indoors with the senior citizens who play there every morning.    Steve Allspaw, one of those seniors, is looking forward to outdoor play.    “The pickleball courts in Louisville are packed morning, noon and night.  I can guarantee the same thing is going to happen here.”    Page agrees:   “I have kids driving to Frankfort to play.”

If you would like to learn more about the project and/or make a contribution, contact Clay Cottongim at 502 321 0612.

CUB Bank Becomes a Friend

Mimi Ward, Parks Foundation Board Chair, announced today that CUB Bank became a Friend of the Parks at the highest level – Eagle. “We are delighted that CUB sees the value of being a Friend of the Park. CUB has long been a support of our Parks system. They sponsor sports teams and scoreboards, they encourage their employees to volunteer, and have donated land for the Greenway Trail and the future CUB Bank Park on Seventh Street.”

Friends Meet First Goal

Mimi Ward, Chair of the Parks Foundation Board, announced Monday that the Friends Campaign has met its first goal and raised $4500 to give the Pool Party Room a complete renovation. Work will be done in the spring once the roof above the pool has been repaired. What is next on the list? Mimi says a $5000 project of resurfacing the heavily used basketball court next to the white barn is the priority. Become a Friend and you can propose projects for the Friends.

Friends of the Park Campaign Kicks Off

October kicks off the Friends Campaign for Shelby County Parks.  Mimi Ward, Chair of the Parks Foundation explains the purpose of the campaign.   “The goal of the Parks Foundation is to create a fund which can be used to make improvements that aren’t funded by our tax dollars and program fees.   The first priorities are at Clear Creek Park include giving the 20 year old Pool Party room a facelift, resurfacing the basketball court by the white barn that is always in use, and repairing a well- used batting cage.”   Friends will be asked to nominate additional projects. For as little as $25, you can become a Friend of the Park, earn a Perk and attend the annual Friends Fish Fry.  Simply tab over to the Friends Page on this website and sign up.

Riders and Hikers Enjoy Renovations at Shelby Trails

The 4.4 mile Diane’s Trail at Shelby Trails is now wider and safer thanks to the bulldozing efforts of Barry Campbell. Trail work was initiated due to a small encroachment on an adjoining property. Clay Cottongim, Volunteer Parks Consultant, took this opportunity to make major improvements in many sections of the trail including widening, filling in and repairing major washes, and removing dead ash trees. Over 880 tons of rock were used on the trails. While riders face some inconvenience short term as the gravel settles the benefits will last for many, many years.