Clear Creek Greenway Trail

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Ok, Clear Creek Greenway walkers, bikers ,runners and lovers! Two more tracks of land have been donated by Ron & Debbie Widman and Sandy Hatchett, so the Greenway Trail has been expanded from Seventh Street to the north for 1/4 of a mile more. A very big “Thank You” goes to both Mrs. Hatchett and the Widman’s. Barry Campbell and his bulldozer have cut the trail which will be blacktopped as soon as weather permits.

When this section is finished, we will have completed our Phase III Recreational Trails Program $200,000 Grant. Clay Cottongim, our volunteer Parks Consultant, is now working on the application for Phase IV which will be used to construct the Greenway starting at Red Orchard Park and coming back to East Main. This grant is due May 28th, and Clay is requesting $250,000. If awarded, and the Community will have to match it with $50,000 to make a total of $300,000 available for trail construction. If we are awarded the grant in late summer construction won’t begin until summer or fall of 2021, because we will have to secure 3-4 properties to do this segment of the Greenway.

So we thank all the donors who have contributed $300,000 plus in dollars and land donations to match past grants. We could not of completed what we have with out you and our Volunteers. A big “Thank You” also goes to; Barry Campbell for all his dozer work and volunteer time from the beginning, another thank you to Judge Dan Ison and Fiscal Court for continued endorsement and support as we apply for the Grants.

Unfortunately, we have two land owners who have not yet made a donation or allowed an easement through their properties along Clear Creek so we have a hole in our Greenway. Otherwise our community could walk, bike or run from Painted Stone School all the way to East Main Street. 😏😢. Please be respectful, and do not trespass on their properties.

Individuals wanting to help the Foundation can contact Cottongim at 502-321-0612 or send donations to Greenway Trail, c/o Parks Foundation, 717 Burks Branch Road, Shelbyville KY 40065.