$10,000 for Greenway Trail

Santa Claus came early for the Shelby County Parks Foundation with an anonymous gift of $10,000 for Phase 2 of the Greenway Trail. That brings the total of private donations for this project to a little more than $113,000, according to Clay Cottongim, volunteer consultant to the Foundation.

“The trail has been cut, thanks to Barry Campbell who donated countless hours of excavation work and removing trees along the creek,” Cottongim said, referring to the trail that begins off North Seventh Street, on the left, after crossing the bridge. A community park will be established at the beginning of the Phase 2 trail, thanks to the donation of about 22 acres by Citizens Union Bank.

Plans are to blacktop the trail next summer and to construct bridge paths to connect Phase 1 with Phase 2 to existing trails to Brentwood Subdivision, Painted Stone Elementary and Lake Shelby.

Cottongim said, “The generous gift of $10,000 shows how much the community likes the concept of these trails for walkers, joggers, bike-riders, strollers and even wheelchairs!”phase 2 path 2

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