Parks Pedal Party

NOTICE- Shelby County Parks Foundation is grateful to all those who have supported or participated in fund-raisers that sent proceeds to Shelby Trails, Greenway Trails and general parks maintenance. Our dedicated team of volunteers who coordinates the events need a break so BOOTS & BRIDLES, WOOFSTOCK and PARK’S PEDAL PARTY will not take place in 2019. Donations, especially for Greenway Trails, are still needed and accepted. Please make check payable to Shelby County Parks Foundation (501c3), 715 Burks Branch Rd, Shelbyville KY 40065, noting donation to Greenway Trails.
Thank you again, Clay Cottongim, volunteer consultant.


photos by Ann Chaney Kalmey – Anthony Young, before and after riding 41 miles!

The recent third annual Parks Pedal Party contributed about $2,000 to assist the continued Greenway Trail project through the Shelby County Parks Foundation. It lured 31 adult riders for either a 40-mile or 21-mile ride along county roads while another 11 rode bicycles within Clear Creek Park and neighborhood paths.

Mimi Ward chaired the Parks Pedal Party committee and said, “Another perfect weather day for biking in Shelby County! The routes were well marked. The hills were a bit challenging but the water stops were really yummy, especially the apple cider donuts from Mulberry Orchard.” She also added that Cynthia Heady cooked and provided tasty and healthy rice bowls for the participants.

Phase I is complete and extended farther to the east. Phase II is complete. Both have entrances on North Seventh Street.

Foundation consultant Clay Cottongim acknowledges all those who have donated toward both phases, especially Barry Campbell for clearing both trails for blacktopping. Now planning begins for Phase III, with the ultimate goal having the Greenway Trail follow Clear Creek to Red Orchard Park on Kentucky Street.

Individuals wanting to help the Foundation can contact Cottongim at 502-321-0612 or send donations to Greenway Trail, c/o Parks Foundation, 717 Burks Branch Road, Shelbyville KY 40065.

photos by Ann Chaney Kalmey of an adult and a child enjoying the Pedal Party June 2!

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